Healthy Childhood Program

We all know this a healthy outside starts from inside, toxins block our children's ability to absorb nutrients and affect their behavior, health and ability to learn we may not be aware but in today's life, children are exposed to most of the toxins, various food intolerances, emotional outbursts, allergies, decrease in absorption of nutrition, this program is created to safely cleanse the heavy metals, parasites, fungi, yeast, or Pesticides from the body.

The follow-up consist of counseling on Nutrition and healthy eating habits Focuses on helping your child adopt healthy behaviors such as choosing healthy foods in appropriate portions and staying physically active, healthy food can help your child stay well, look good, and have the energy he or she needs to feel great.

Duration of the program: 3 Months

    Child wellness program starts with

    • Medical evaluation,
    • Nutrition counseling
    • Supplements counseling
    • Emotional health coaching
    • Better sleep habits
    • Genetics evolutions/li>
    • Therapeutic Recreation/Child Life Therapist
    • Child acupressure and sports

    The program consists of 45 minutes of wellness consultation every 15 days, based on the results detailed consultation is done and physical, mental therapies, nutrition, sports sessions, supplements are prescribed.

    • Dr consultation in the beginning
    • Children Wellness blood testing at starting
    • Results analysis
    • After that 45 minutes of wellness consultation every 15 days
    • Children Wellness blood testing at finishing
    • Last result analysis

    Complete access to our group seminars, workshops related to health and wellness, Recipes, books, food classes.

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