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If you are in the quest for better health, inner strength, mental peace the final destination for you is Vitalica wellness which can provide you a complete 360 wellness solution. Situated at the heart of the city but away from all the chaos, looking over beautiful Bosporus, a tranquil place where your wellness and fitness are the utmost priority. It's the place which can help you rejuvenate, train and offers you all the tools to maintain yourself on the longer run. All the programs are personalized and designed over years of expertise from well-trained International doctors and therapists.

At Vitalica Wellness with wellness facilities you can also experience world class anti-aging treatments, and verities of superfood wellness cuisine and educational workshops to guide you on the journey of optimum health.

All About Wellness

Vitalica Wellness is a complete holistic healthcare clinic which combines the principal of modern wellness treatments and ancient wellness rituals with world class personal fitness area, all focusing on personalized approach to individualized health and wellness programs with world class doctors and wellness experts – it is located at the Heart of Istanbul, in the famous Nisantasi area at Machka Residence managed by Kempinsky. Vitalica Wellness is the first and the only unique wellness clinic in Istanbul which focus on preventive medicine, with it's motto of “Prevention is better than cure” which supports you on the journey of complete transformation of mental, physical and emotional health on the longer term.


Proper Diagnosis & Complete Analyze

Proper Diagnosis

We believe the right diagnosis is the key to proper health. We embrace a holistic approach in diagnostics which synthesizes natural, traditional and modern medicine. When assessing you, we also aim to identify any potential health problems in their early stages. Based on that our doctors select or design a detailed treatment plan for you.


Complete Analyze

We make sure you go through the most advanced body analysis process, to make you understand your real body compositions. We try to figure out your body's needs and strength, based on all that our expert’s evolution and create an individualizing holistic plan for your optimum health.



Master Detox Programs

Master Detox Programs

Master cleansing is an ancient form of cleansing where proper rest is given to the digestive system by liquid fasting, it is the most effective form of cleansing toxins from the body More
Ayurvedic Detox Program

Ayurvedic Detox Program

Ayurveda offers one of the most ancient form of detox and cleansing, it consider the cleansing as the most integral part of its lifestyle to Improve energy, strength, and immunity. More
Well Aging Man

Well Aging Man

Our Man wellness program is designed to enable the person to reach the optimum levels of wellness by increasing the awareness and provide wellness solutions to delay the sign of aging and helps them about the preventable health conditions, which help them live a greater quality of life. More
Well Aging Female

Well Aging Female

Well aging women's program is personalized one to one monitoring program which is designed for women for of all ages as we all know women aging process is completely different from one another. More
Healthy Childhood

Healthy Childhood

We all know this a healthy outside starts from inside, toxins block our children's ability to absorb nutrients and affect their behavior, health and ability to learn we may not be aware but in today's life, children are exposed to most of the toxins, various food intolerances, emotional outbursts, allergies... More
Mental Wellness & Stress Management

Mental Wellness & Stress Management

This program helps you reduce chronic stress levels with aim to reduce adverse symptoms of fatigue, anxiety, irritability etc... More
Weight Management & Flexibility Program

Weight Management & Flexibility Program

This program is specially designed with the help of sports scientist and professional athletes, based on fitness routine and nutrition in this program we support you to implement the tailor-made program, we help you to push you towards the maximum effectiveness to achieve you highest fitness goal. More
Recovery Program

Recovery Program

This program has been developed to purify your body from the negative effects of surgical interventions or aggressive treatments by removing the toxins and anesthesia affects in order to ensure faster recovery process. More
Wellness Nutrition

Wellness Nutrition

The Vitalica Wellness kitchen adopts the philosophy “Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food!”.

Vitalica Wellness kitchen supports guests as they adapt to their new diet plan and helps them gain healthy dietary habits they can maintain for a long time. In addition to basic macro and micro nutritional factors, it helps you to discover organic superfoods that improve your health and are activated by antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Seasonal, local, fresh and organic superfoods, grains, dried fruit, nuts, seeds, vegetables, fresh fruit and seafood products are used in the kitchen. Each ingredient is carefully selected for their freshness, quality, naturalness and nutritional values. Fish and other seafood are preferred over red meat as a protein source.

The Vitalica Wellness kitchen offers meals designed according to your own biological rhythm which can change significantly throughout the day. With these meals, your body’s biological processes are supported, energy needs are met, and your body makes use of the nutritional components at the optimal level.

Vitalica Wellness Menu

Holistic Clinical Treatments

Services at Vitalica Wellness


Wellness Treatments

Studio Classes

Vitalica wellness offers various studio classes from energies, relaxing movements to challenging and demanding classes, from over 100ds of various classes you will be able to choose the bests fits for your personality.

  • Breathing Therapy
  • Meditation
  • Zumba Fitness
  • Body Art
  • Astrology
  • Yoga


Vitalica Wellness

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Our Team

Dr. Koshlendra Pratap Dr. Koshlendra Pratap Wellness Director
Uzm. Dr. Berk Cantimur Uzm. Dr. Berk Cantimur Medical Doctor
Dr. Aslı Birkent Dr. Aslı Birkent Medical Doctor
Dr. Nadir Harmankaya Dr. Nadir Harmankaya Medical Doctor
Op. Dr. Başar Erdoğan Op. Dr. Başar Erdoğan Plastic Surgery
Muhammed Yakubi Muhammed Yakubi Traditional Medicine
Münire Muhan Münire Muhan Acupuncture
Alara Maraz Alara Maraz Wellness Coach
Yelda Basaran Yelda Basaran Psychotherapist - Business Manager
Esra Gunaydin Esra Gunaydin Breathing Trainer
Mine Ayman Mine Ayman Astrologer
Natalia Sedef Natalia Sedef Sports Trainer
Oznur Yilmaz Oznur Yilmaz Sports Trainer
Caner Vızgelir Caner Vızgelir Sports Trainer
Kagan Yilmaz Kagan Yilmaz Sports Trainer

Vişnezade Mah. Hüsrev Gerede Cad. Şehit Mehmet Sok. Maçka/İstanbul
Nişantaşı / İstanbul

Tel: +0(850) 577 85 22

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